Snowshoeing Artist Point

February 28, 2014 Comments Off on Snowshoeing Patterson Mountain Snow

Snowshoeing Patterson Mountain

The Challenge:

North Cascades

The hike sits in the North Cascades with panoramic views of the Methow from Twisp to Mazama and to the west the Sawtooths. It’s nearly a four mile hike with an 1100 foot elevation gain.

Trekking up Patterson Mountain for the first major snowshoeing event of the season is a perfect choice.  As it turned out, it was our first snowshoeing adventure as a threesome and we were a little unsure how Baker (the fluffy Akita) would do. What unfolded was our love for snowshoeing and Baker’s relentless love for snow.  His preferred method of snow travel is an almost whale like move that has him shooting up out of the snow and then dipping down with tongue out, grabbing quenching mouthfuls of snow, over and over and over again. However, the best part was, we didn’t see a single person the entire hike.

The Reward:

After the snowy adventure, nothing sounded better than a cold, frosty beverage and with Twisp River Brewery only 15 minutes away it was the perfect choice.  Methow Brewing has an assortment of beers on tap.  So, we not only drank one there, but decided to take some to go.  If you go, you have to try the Sweet Potato Fries covered with crumbled local goat cheese and a balsamic glaze that makes any crushing hike a worthwhile #EarnTheBeer event.

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