Supping Paulina Lake

August 20, 2015 Comments Off on Supping Crescent Lake Water

Supping Crescent Lake

The Challenge:

Deschutes National Forest

Crescent Lake is a beautiful lake that sits at 4,839 ft evelation and has a max depth of 265 ft.

The temperature outside was moderate.  The temperature of the water was moderate and the launch into the lake with our SUPs was easy and then the real adventure began.  Once broken free from the cove, almost immediately, non-stop, relentless three to four foot swells beat at our boards.  The type of waves where you wish you had gorilla feet to grab hold of the board and a paddle with its own set of muscles.  No longer was this a leisure, let’s just get on the water kinda day.  Instead, it instantly became a hold on with everything you got balancing act that would impress the Ringling Brothers.  Even when sitting, floating, the waves would toss us like bad habits on New Years.  By the time we made it back to shore there was only one thing left to do.

The Reward:

Where was the memo that said, “Beautiful lakes in Oregon with fantastic bars with beer?”  Hoodoo’s Crescent Lake Resort bar is another testament to great beer after one heck of an adventure.  The bar sits amongst the trees over-looking the beach and of course they have beer on tap.  With that we found ourselves enjoying a well-earned frosty beverage while we laughed about the events of the day.

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