Supping Paulina Lake

SUPing the great “Deep Water” 

August 24, 2015 Comments Off on Supping Deschutes River Water

Supping Deschutes River

The Challenge:

Renting a house on the Deschutes River has its benefits.  Benefits like waking up in the morning brewing a cup of hot java and drinking it with your feet in the cool water.  Once finished, dropping the paddle boards in and paddling up river as far as possible.  Many choose to paddle or float down river, but really what fun is that if you can #EarnTheBeer and “become like water my friend.”

Once in Mirror Pond the paddle meanders through Drake Park where everyone is enjoying the cool waters.  What is there to say, it’s just fun paddling past people floating on tubes, playing fetch with their water dogs, enjoying a picnic with friends or sitting back and just enjoying the day.

Having reached the other end, another 180 degree turn to head back through Mirror Pond and into the Deschutes.  Come to find out paddling up river, under a bridge not four feet above the water line is a challenge.  Go Deschutes!

The Reward:

After the long and hot paddle a quick walk to 10 Barrel Brewing Co. was the perfect reward.  Having fantastic indoor and outdoor seating, perfect pizza and even better beer makes this a go to Bend brewery.  There were so many thirst quenching beers to choose from we couldn’t pick just one.  We also got to enjoy their version of Nitro beer which is highly recommended.

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