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October 10, 2015 Comments Off on Hiking Damfino Lakes – Excelsior Peak Trail

Hiking Damfino Lakes – Excelsior Peak

The Challenge:

Damfino Lakes - Excelsior Peak

Damfino Lakes/Excelsior Peak is a hike located in the shadow of Mt. Baker (Koma Kulshan) on scenic Mt. Baker Highway 542. At just over 5000 ft elevation, this epic hike will blow your mind with amazing views of valleys, mountains, and some of the most beautiful color settings you can imagine.

On a cool October day, we decided to sneak in a hike since fall was finally upon us. We were guaranteed to see some amazing autumn colors.  Time was somewhat of an issue, so we settled on a shorter hike with a BIG visual impact.

Damfino Lakes/Excelsior Peak is a hike located in the shadow of Mt. Baker (Koma Kulshan) with a gradual elevation gain of 1500 ft or so.  We made the drive toward Mt. Baker and took a sharp left on road that circled 16 miles up the mountain side with spectacular views. The drive felt like we were on a private roller coaster wrapping around the mountain hugging the rails.  I don’t know about you, but driving 16 miles on a sketchy 1 lane road with no oncoming vision was a perfect appetizer for what would become one of my favorite local hikes.

We finally hit the trail head. You could feel the elevation and see some of the cloud coverage up towards the peak.  We ascended and were surrounded by visions of Crayola coloring pages.  Bright reds, yellows, oranges, and everything in between oh my!  Wowzers.  Autumn was upon us.  Damfino Lakes/Excelsior Peak is not your typical hike that leaves you stuck deep in a the woods going from switchback to switchback.  On this hike you see many landscapes ranging from deep woods and lakes, to lush valleys of wild flowers and mountain berries with babbling creeks speaking in tongues. At the peak you will see sights that remind one of the Battle of Stirling and the ghosts of William Wallace.

The Reward:


The North Fork Brewery in Deming WA on Scenic Mt. Baker Highway 542.

This place is amazing.  They are more than a brewery with downright tasty beers. The North Fork Brewery also triples as a wedding chapel, pizzeria and BEER SHRINE.  BEER SHRINE!  Hallelujah. I don’t know how many damn times we have drove by this little gem on our way down from riding Mt. Baker not having the wherewithal to stop, but I’m glad we finally came to our senses and frequented this local drinking establishment.  Recommended beers:  Lighter Shade of Pale and Strong Scotch Ale.

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