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Dash & Drink 5K

The Challenge:

Centennial Trail

The Centennial Trail is a 29 mile trail that runs from Snohomish to just north of Bryant ending at the beautiful Nakashima Farm.

1st annual Dash & Drink 5K: Relay for Life fundraiser to cure cancer.  Dash, drink, and help kick cancer’s ass!  Nowadays, the majority of us know someone who has suffered from this horrible disease, so why not raise money for an important cause while earning the beer. The best part was that 100% of the proceeds went directly to fund cancer research.  The event itself was held in Snohomish, WA along the beautiful Centennial Trail on a gorgeous April day.  To top it off, all race finishers received two free beers at the beer garden, which rested on a deck, nestled in the trees, overlooking the river. Overall, a fantastic event, for a meaningful cause with a happy ending.

The Reward:

What’s a great way to top off a great run for a great cause on an beautiful sunny day in April? Manny’s Pale Ale! That’s right! Seattle’s own Georgetown Brewery’s flagship craft beer. Damn right delicious.

According to Georgetownbeer.com Manny’s is “For normal people: Darn Tasty Pale Ale. For beer lovers: A careful selection of Northwest hops, premium barley, and our unique yeast give this ale a rich and complex malty middle with a snappy hop finish. Crisp, clean and smooth with hints of citrus and fruit.

For beer geeks:
Malts – 2 Row
Hops – Sterling
Bavarian Lager Yeast
OG: 1.044
TG: 1.008
ABV 4.9%
IBUs 34
Best By Date: 90 days from packaging”

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