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May 20, 2016 Comments (1) Trail

Scrambling to Black Lake

The Challenge:

Black Lake

Following a gorgeous drive up the Chewuch, this trail starts with a gentle climb, hanging onto a steep side slope above the creek then enters the widening Lake Creek valley. At 2.2 miles the trail crosses a lazy stream. A half mile farther, you skirt a large rocky slope. A short climb follows, and then the relatively flat trail continues meandering through burnt groves of pine and fir. At 4 miles you arrive at Black Lake.

A spooky Black Lake hike.  The fires of 2003 may seem like a long time ago and for many of us it was, but to the Methow Valley the evidence stands still like gravestones at Highgate.  Most of the trees are burnt, yet standing with their curled branches grasping like gigantic spiders hunting.  Among these standing ghosts and sprinkled throughout this dark scene are bright yellow, orange, white and purple flowers creating a breathtaking and astonishing contrast.  Although it is spring, May is early for this hike creating an exciting adventure with numerous water crossings, log scrambling and brush scurrying.  The 8-mile round-trip hike to Black Lake is an attention getter and shouldn’t be missed.

The Reward:

Nothing beats recovering at a brewery nestled right on the Chewuch River to drink award winning beer and eat some well-deserved food.   The Old Schoolhouse Brewery’s Ruud Awakening IPA has to be one of the best IPAs around.  You don’t have to take my word for it, just check out the awards it’s won since 2010 including Top 20 Best American IPA’s in the nation!  Check out their article: . Mad Hops- The 20 Best American IPA’s

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  1. Eva says:

    Im always looking for new hikes and this is now on my list. Thanks! #earnthebeer