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June 30, 2016 Comments Off on Hiking Heliotrope Ridge – Face to face with a glacier Trail

Hiking Heliotrope Ridge – Face to face with a glacier

The Challenge:

Heliotrope Ridge

Heliotrope Ridge trailhead is located along Mount Baker Highway (state route 542) just past the Mount Baker ranger station. This beautiful hike will take you directly to Coleman Glacier which is the largest glacier on Mount Baker. Rated as intermediate to difficult, Heliotrope Ridge hike is one of the essential Pacific Northwest hikes.

Want to get up close and personal with a gigantic glacier? Well then, Heliotrope Ridge hike is right up your alley. Heliotrope Ridge is an intermediate hike with an elevation gain of 1400 feet that will take you directly to the ridgeline at 5100 feet. If you are feeling adventurous, keep hiking up the ridgeline to 6000 feet of insane views. The 5.5 mile roundtrip hike will get the sweat flowing as you tackle a few switch backs and cross multiple glacier runoffs that are sketchy depending on the snow melt. At the ridgeline you will have a full frontal view of the glacier which will absolutely take your breath away. And if it doesn’t take your breath away, you better listen to Ice Cube and chickity-check yo self before you wreck yo self. Be sure to spend some quality time with the marmots who surround the glacier and listen for their echoing chirps bounce off the crevasses. One thing to note…you will find no heliotropes on this hike as they have all but disappeared.

The Reward:

What better way to celebrate this glorious hike on Koma Kulshan (Mount Baker) than a tasty Sunnyland IPA from its namesake brewery Kulshan Brewing Company. Downright super delicious! Get Some!


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