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September 5, 2016 Comments Off on SUPing the great “Deep Water”  Water

SUPing the great “Deep Water” 

The Challenge:

Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan is the largest natural lake in Washington. Lake Chelan's depths exceed 1500 feet ranking it the third deepest in the United States. The ice cold clear water makes Lake Chelan a perfect destination for paddle boarding.

If you have a fetish for extreme deep lakes then Lake Chelan (“Tsi-Laan”) meaning “Deep Water” is your affliction.  The chilly waters of Chelan are crystal clear and also double as a sure fire hangover cure.  Paddle boarding Chelan offers SUPers the opportunity to glide along the calm waters of the east end or brave the deeper, rougher waters of the west end that heads towards Stehekin (a must visit).  We highly recommend visiting any time.  Water is clear, cold and challenging.

The Reward:

Is there anything better than an ice cold adult beverage dockside? Depends if your frosty beer is from Deschutes Brewery.  If it is, easy answer…no.  Inversion IPA is one of the many great selections from our favorite Bend Oregon brewery.  This intense aromatic craft beer packs a solid 6.8 alc percent and does not leave mouth hop-less.


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