SUPing the great “Deep Water” 


September 12, 2016 Comments Off on BAKER LAKE: SUPING ON A MIRROR Water


The Challenge:

Baker Lake

Baker Lake rests in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and is fed by the Baker River. The lake expands over 4,800 acres and fluctuates in depth as a result of the Upper Baker Dam, a concrete gravity hydroelectric dam constructed in 1959.

Most of my adventures in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest have either involved deep snow or bone chilling rain, but not this time. This time it was a surreal experience for sure, nothing that snow could ever provide. Instead of blazing down a mountain, choking on snow as it springs through the air, it was drifting on a mirror that challenged your senses. Peering into the water, the mountains seemed to move menacingly into the deep, gazing upwards the mountains circled like an over protective mother. This was not a normal SUP day for sure and one I will never forget.

The Reward:

There’s nothing like when a plan doesn’t work out. Originally the plan was to visit a specific watering hole, but upon arrival they were unexpectedly closed. So, what then. Find a new place. That new place was Farmstrong Brewing Co. A tasty brewery in Mt. Vernon Wa with both indoor and outdoor seating. I tried the Stackin’ Hay IPA and it was fantastic. There was also a Gyro food truck right there in the beer garden which made for the perfect reward combo, beer + gyros = reward bliss.

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