Conquering the annual Smelt 10K

December 29, 2016 Comments Off on BEST DAMN RACE HALF MARATHON Pavement, Race/Competition


The Challenge:

Event number 3

The third of 5 events over 5 months. The Best Damn Race Half Marathon located in Cape Coral, Florida. The Best Damn Race is a running series created for runners by runners. You will love their philosophy: “RUN, EAT, DRINK, PARTY”. Look for event number 4 coming soon!

No. 3 of 5 scheduled events. Completed the Best Damn Race Half Marathon in Cape Coral, FL on December 11, 2016. It was another lovely running day, about 68 degrees at the start. It starts to get warm quickly, but still bearable. Trouble started at mile 9 when my legs started to really feel tired. I was still running a steady, even pace, but more effort was required to avoid slowing down. I knew I might be in the medals if I could just hang on. Finished in 1:43. 2nd place age division finish. 488 finishers.

The Reward:

Had this one at home. Guinness Nitro IPA. ABV 5.8%. Love Guinness stout. Always one of my go to beers on tap. Had to try this new venture for Guinness, introduced in 2015. There is a small widget in each can that releases nitrogen when opened. Mild hoppiness. Very smooth. I could drink this all day. Gives me time to reflect on my next challenge. Stepping up to the marathon next month. Keep the training going!


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