Join the Movement

Do you like pushing yourself physically?  Do you like being outdoors dominating whatever is put in front of you?  Do you like beer? If you answered HELL YES to all of these, then you should become a part of the EarnTheBeer Movement.  Everyday athletes like you are constantly accomplishing bigger and bigger feats and this should be rewarded.  If your reward is a frosty, cold beverage than you are already a part of  the movement.  Bottom line, its about promoting healthy, happy, balanced lifestyles. So go out, do something amazing and share it.



In order for us to review your submission on how you earned your beer follow these guidelines.



– Include a description of how you earned the beer.   It should be at minimum, a paragraph that describes your  challenge.

– Accompanying the write up, include one (1) high resolution (no flip phones) picture of your challenge.  You can be in the picture or not, up to you.



– A description of your reward (beer).  The write up can be about the beer specifically or where you drank it (Ex. Georgetown Brewing, Manny’s Pale Ale).  It is completely up to you.

– Again, with the reward please include one (1) high resolution (no flip phones) picture of your reward.  Picture can be of the beer itself, you drinking the beer or the location that you drank it.



Each submission should include two write ups (The Challenge, The Reward) which should be entered into the “Message” textbox below and two associated pictures (file attachments labeled “The Challenge”, “The Reward”).


Finally, please make sure that  you use proper english and put some effort into your writing.  We will not rewrite any submissions and submissions.